a creative coding toolkit for spatial interfaces

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Getting Started

Greenhouse is available now for Mac OS X and Linux (soon) and is free for non-commercial and limited-scale use.



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About Us

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About Greenhouse

Greenhouse is a creative coding toolkit for spatial interfaces. Greenhouse enables creative coders and engineers to rapidly prototype spatial interfaces: multi-screen, multi-user, multi-device interfaces leveraging gestural and spatial interaction. Working knowledge of C++ and OpenGL is recommended but not required. Greenhouse is available now for Mac OS X and Linux (soon) and is free for non-commercial use. For information and pricing for commercial use, please contact

Greenhouse Features

Greenhouse is the first creative coding platform to offer native support for multi-user interactions through gestural and device input, multiple screens, and networked, multi-machine experiences.

  • Multi-user and multi-device interaction
  • Spatial and gestural input
  • Spatial data interaction and navigation
  • Multi-screen interfaces
  • Provides drill-down capabilities to easily work at the OpenGL level

Greenhouse Architecture

Greenhouse is built upon Oblong’s g-speak™ core technology platform. The g-speak platform provides three core functional components: multi-device, spatial input and output; Plasma networking and multi-application support; and a geometry engine that renders pixels across multiple screens with real-world spatial registration.

System Components

Oblong offers Greenhouse as a software SDK and runtime libraries and is available on Linux and OS X. The g-speak Plasma networking components are available on Linux, OS X, Microsoft Windows, Java, iOS, and Android platforms.

Learn More

For more information on g-speak or licensing our SDK, contact our business development team at