a creative coding toolkit for spatial interfaces

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alpha v0.4.22
Release Notes

Greenhouse is free for non-commercial and limited-scale use.

If you’re experimenting, prototyping, teaching, making art, or working at a non-profit, you can use Greenhouse for free. Greenhouse is also free for small-scale commercial projects or if you or your organization use fewer than 20 copies of Greenhouse in your work.

The full Greenhouse license terms, complete with requisite legalese, can be seen to the right.

For larger-scale commercial use—any use of 20 or more copies of Greenhouse as part of a system, product, or project that is demonstrated, deployed or sold for commercial purposes—please contact us for licensing. We’re easy to work with and happy to discuss options.

Commercial support and custom development are also available.
Contact us at

Mac OS X

Requirements (you need all of these, or things won’t work right):

  • OS X 10.6 or greater

  • Xcode 4.2 or greater Download and install from the Mac App Store

  • Xcode Command Line Tools Manually installed from within Xcode You must select Preferences -> Downloads -> Command Line Tools ==> Install

Ubuntu [coming soon!]

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Upgrades will replace the installed samples directory. If you have been working in this directory, you will want to copy it aside. If you wish to continue to work with the installed samples, we highly suggest you clone our samples repository on GitHub.