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Video Gallery

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Greenhouse :: Leap + Kinect Leap + Kinect
Tree manipulation controlled by a Leap; pointing direction and grabbing handled simultaneously by a Kinect.

Greenhouse :: Distributed Applications Distributed Applications
An application that runs seamlessly and consistently across three computers and five displays.

Greenhouse :: OMEagination OMEagination
Gesture-based 3D visualization of brain structures and activity.

Greenhouse :: Leap Motion Support Leap Motion Support
Greenhouse application controlled by a Leap Motion sensor.

Greenhouse :: Radiology Radiology
Image sequence navigation and capture using Greenhouse, Magick++, a consumer depth sensor, and a mobile device.
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Greenhouse :: Seismo Seismo
Gesture-based earthquake data visualization using g-speak, Greenhouse and a low-cost depth sensor. [view code]

Greenhouse :: Henry Griffith Internship Henry Griffith Internship
Gesture-controlled 3D graphing using Greenhouse and a low-cost depth sensor.