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Running Your First Greenhouse Application

Mac OS X

download & install

To get started, you’ll need to first download and install the Greenhouse .dmg here.

Run your first Greenhouse application

With Xcode:

Using the Finder, select the “Go” menu, then select “Go To Folder”. Type in the path to Greenhouse’s samples directory, “/opt/oblong/greenhouse/samples” :

Go To Greenhouse Folder

If you’re comfortable with, you could also navigate to Greenhouse’s samples directory and open a Finder window from there:

$ cd /opt/oblong/greenhouse/samples
$ open .

In /opt/oblong/greenhouse/samples you will find a set of nifty applications (in source code form) ready for your perusal. There is an Xcode project for each – it’s a file whose name ends with .xcodeproj. Just double-click that file to start XCode. Once the project is open, press the Play button to compile and run the sample.

With a Makefile:

In each project folder under /opt/oblong/greenhouse/samples, there is a plain Makefile which will build the project completely independently of Xcode. Looks like this:

$ cd helloworld
$ make
$ ./helloworld

to run a sample that uses Kinect input

  1. Plug a Microsoft Kinect for Xbox 360 or OpenNI-compliant sensor into your computer’s USB port.

  2. Optionally, you may want to do some configuration; see our guide to getting started with Kinect sensors. Or just put the sensor near the bottom of your display, skip right ahead, and…

  3. Run the Greenhouse Hantenna pipeline application. (On Mac, it’s located at /Applications/Greenhouse/

  4. Compile and run one of the 3D-sensor-aware samples:

    • /opt/oblong/greenhouse/samples/box-nav
    • /opt/oblong/greenhouse/samples/cities
    • /opt/oblong/greenhouse/samples/radiology
    • /opt/oblong/greenhouse/samples/seismo

to run a sample that uses Leap input

  1. Connect your Leap device and start the input pipeline, using this guide to help you get started.

  2. Open and run the leap sample.


Write your first Greenhouse application