a creative coding toolkit for spatial interfaces

Writing Your First Greenhouse Application

Mac OS X

run Seedpod

In your Applications folder, you will find a Greenhouse folder. In this folder, double-click the seedpod.command application.

Greenhouse applications

A window will appear and ask you to enter the name of the project you want to create and the directory where the project should be saved.

Greenhouse Seedpod

Once the information has been entered, a finder window will appear with your new project including an Xcode project, Makefile and .C file.

Greenhouse Project Folder

Run your empty application

With Xcode:

Open the Xcode project and hit play!

With a Makefile:

Using a terminal, navigate to your project’s directory, make and run:

cd /Users/my_username/Desktop/my-greenhouse-project

Start Hacking!

Start adding things to the Setup() function. Borrow from the samples and the many, many examples embedded in the reference pages. Every piece of sample code in the reference section should compile and run as a complete program. (If not, please let us know.)


To get things to show up on screen, it’s pretty important to get some background in how Greenhouse thinks about space. There will be vectors. But do not fear!